Average Sailboat Insurance Cost

You may be very proud of your sailboat. You’ll want it to be protected accordingly. How much will that cost? What you want to protect will depend on your needs. The cost of sailboat insurance varies depending on the boat type, amount and type of coverage needed, and your age. This article will explore these factors and how much you should expect to pay for sailing insurance.

Sailboat insurance: the basics

When your boat is in use, in storage, floating on your dock, or in your yard, it can be damaged. If you damage or injure another person’s property, then you can be held responsible for the costs.

Boat insurance protects you and your boat from financial losses. Your boat insurance policy may reimburse you for each of these situations, depending on which one you select. If you are looking for a sailboat insurer, it is usually not necessary to do so unless your boat is large or you want coverage for worldwide travel. Many insurance companies that write boating policies are able to cover all types, from dinghies and jet skis to yachts and sailboats.

There are some things to consider when searching for sailboat insurance, even if you do not need a specific provider.

What is covered by Sailboat Insurance?

A comprehensive or full insurance policy covers damages to your sailboat. These policies cover your sailboat from vandalism, theft, fire, and lightning. These policies can cover weather events such as high winds, hurricanes, and hail. However, your insurance carrier may have specific stipulations regarding coverage.

Boat insurance can be customized to suit your needs. Many policies include coverage for fuel spills and wreckage removal in addition to these protections. Some policies include coverage for towing in the event of an emergency. You can also buy protection for your fishing gear, mechanical breakdowns, and more.

You will either be reimbursed the replacement cost or the cash value for damaged items or parts. Even if you have replacement cost coverage for sailboats certain parts may only be covered at actual cash value because the insurer does not consider them to be permanent fixtures. Some of these parts include anchors, dock lines, tarps, and sails.

Let’s say, for example, that the sail of your 15-year-old sloop tears. Your insurance company might reimburse you for less, even though a sail of the same quality as the original one costs $2,500. They may do this because they consider the sail to have depreciated.

Depreciation formulas differ by company. Be aware of the possibility. You may wish to inquire about depreciation for partial losses.

Average annual sailboat insurance price

Owners rarely pay more than $1000 per year for the basic insurance. The vast majority of sailboats, which are between 20 and forty feet long fiberglass production cruisers, are not used as frequently as cars.

The cost of sailboat insurance ranges from $250 for liability coverage on small boats that are not used often to $1500 for comprehensive coverage for older vessels with regular use.

If we had to make a general statement about sailboat coverage, it would be that it is cheaper than auto insurance. Sailboat Insurance is usually a small cost when compared with mooring and maintenance fees.

Sailboat insurance is cheaper than powerboat insurance!!

Even if you have a motorized vessel, sailing insurance is cheaper. It has to do with the speed, power, and accident rate.

Insuring speedboats is expensive because they are more dangerous and prone to accidents. Insuring a small sailboat can cost the same as insuring a speedboat.

Sailboat insurance coverage types

The different types of coverage have different rates. These different types of coverage are called by different companies. Here are some of the most common types of sailboat insurance.

Basic Liability Coverage and Salvage Coverage

Basic liability is the cheapest coverage, and it usually only covers you if you are at fault. Basic liability does not cover repair costs but covers damage to other vessels, medical expenses, and wreck removal.

Customized Coverage or Specialized Services

The price of specialized coverage is the most variable. Owner-determined coverage that covers expensive equipment and modifications.

Imagine a sailboat that is outfitted for offshore use. He installs solar panels, an autopilot, and Garmin radar, as well as a set of expensive automatic winches.

If the boat is damaged or lost, the insurance plan will cover the cost of replacing these items.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive policies offer more coverage. These policies include towing, damage costs, uninsured-boater protection, repair and replacement parts, and emergency assistance, such as for dead batteries or running out of fuel.

Sailboat insurance rates are affected by several factors

The cost of your sailboat insurance is affected by a few factors. The boat’s size and value are important factors. Your age and your experience will also affect the amount of risk you take. Let’s look at the details.


Insurance costs increase with the size of the boat. The length of a boat is usually used to measure its size. The longer the boat, the more expensive the rate.

You can also value

A more expensive boat will cost more to replace or repair, and therefore, have a higher rate of insurance. If you have an existing policy, you may want to compare the current market value of your boat against your insurance coverage amount due to the rapid rate of depreciation of boats. In other words, you may be able to lower your premiums as time passes (and your boat’s value decreases).


Your boat’s age will also impact the cost to insure it. Depreciation will usually reduce the cost of insurance for older boats.

Cruising Area

The rate you pay will depend on where you sail. You can estimate your rate if you know the location where you will be sailing and keeping your boat.

Boating and driving history

Your rate will decrease if you have been a safe boater and driver in the past. Your rate is likely to be higher if you have had a history with accidents or running into the law as a driver.

Coverage options

You can choose between different coverages depending on the coverage that you require. You are covered in the event of an accident with a boat or other object. Comprehensive coverage includes damage from non-collision sources such as fire and bad weather. Consider your needs before choosing a coverage.

Sailboat insurance discounts

Saving money is a great thing. Nationwide offers a variety of discounts on sailboat insurance. These include multi-policy discounts (combining coverages such as home and auto insurance), diesel fuel discounts (ownership of a diesel-powered vessel), and prior experience. Insurance discount (for those requesting a quote at least 8 days before the expiration of their previous insurance policy).

How to Reduce Sailboat Insurance Premiums

Some strategies can be completed in a matter of hours. You can reduce your insurance rates by taking a boater safety course, or getting your boating licence even if it’s not mandatory.

Increase your hull deductible to reduce your insurance premiums. In the event of an incident, this strategy may cost you more in terms of out-of-pocket costs. However, safe boaters are usually able to handle the risk.

You can also reduce your seasonal insurance rates if you winterize or haul out your boat correctly. You can get a substantial winter discount if you store your boat in a dry dock or boatyard for at least six months.

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