10 Reasons Why Hiring an Attorney is Essential

Not all legal matters require the assistance of an attorney. Two examples are fighting a traffic ticket or going to a small claims court. In many other situations, you might not want to take the risk of facing a legal challenge or deal without an experienced lawyer. Although good legal representation may not be cheap, it can help you out of many sticky situations, such as divorce, losing your job or a DUI.

There are certain situations where you should hire an attorney, even though each individual’s situation is unique. Delaying the hiring of an attorney can result in broken agreements, claims that are not paid, or even jail time. Here are the ten most important reasons to hire a lawyer.

1. The law can be complicated

A lawyer with experience has spent years studying, researching, and acquiring legal knowledge. Attorneys are usually specialized in a few legal areas. Our attorneys at Ball Morse Lowe are specialists in Family Law, Estate Planning, and Personal Injury, as well as Oil and Gas.

A solid legal case can be quickly dismissed without the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

2. A lawyer can save you money

What’s the stake? You could be sent to prison if you lose a criminal case, but a civil lawsuit can hurt your finances. Most civil lawyers won’t charge anything unless you win. As a plaintiff, you might be eligible to claim legal costs in civil cases. Hiring a lawyer could save you or even make you money.

3. Lawyers know how to take charge

You may not be able to use evidence effectively if you do not have legal training. Ball Morse Lowe attorneys will ensure that you have all the necessary details to resolve your legal issue.

4. Lawyers know how to challenge evidence

You may not know if a piece of evidence that was used against you is improperly obtained, or if a witness’s testimony contradicts a previous statement unless you have the right legal training. Did the crime laboratory handle the evidence properly at every stage? Your lawyer will investigate and may suppress the evidence.

5. The wrong documents or incorrect procedures could ruin your case

Attorneys are familiar with deadlines and protocols for submitting and filling out legal documentation. A late or incorrectly filed document could derail the entire case, causing delays or even a dismissal.

6. The experts and witnesses you need to support your case are available through them

To help their cases, attorneys rely on a network of professionals. Non-attorneys are unlikely to know professionals who could help with discovery, or even challenge the evidence or testimony of the other party.

7. Bring the strongest case to court

An attorney can help you understand all the options and outcomes for your case before trial, which could save you from severe penalties.

8. Lawyers know how to negotiate plea bargains and settlements

A lawyer with experience has probably seen similar cases to yours or knows enough about the case to make an educated guess as to how it could be resolved in court. A settlement may be the best option, but at other times, it is better to take your case to trial. A lawyer can help you negotiate a fair deal with the other party.

9. Other Parties Have Legal Representation

You are at a disadvantage if you go it alone. It is easy to be blindsided. The legal world is complex and intricate, and opponents will take advantage.

10. Many lawyers offer a free consultation

There is no harm in speaking with an attorney, as many will offer to meet you at no cost during a consultation. A free consultation will not only give you an indication of your case and the likely outcome but will also help you decide if you need to hire a legal representative.

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