What is hazard insurance?

Hazard insurance is different from homeowners insurance but is included in a homeowners policy. You will need to have a certain amount of hazard coverage if you are looking for a mortgage on a new home.

What is Hazard Insurance?

Hazard insurance covers property owners from damages caused by fire, severe weather, hail/sleet or other natural disasters. The property owner is compensated for any damages incurred as long as the weather event is covered by the policy.

Hazard insurance is sometimes referred to as catastrophe insurance. Both cover large-scale natural disasters but are different in terms of their technicality. In the insurance industry, catastrophe insurance is a free-standing policy that covers certain types of disasters, including those caused by man.

Hazard Insurance vs. Homeowners Insurance

Hazard insurance is often bundled with homeowners insurance to provide a comprehensive plan. Hazard insurance includes the structure of your house. While homeowners insurance covers liability, home, and personal property damages, it also covers structural damage.

Hazard Insurance: How Does It Work?

Hazard insurance covers property against damage from fires, lightning, hail, wind, snow, rainstorms, and other natural events. Hazard coverage is an important part of homeowner’s insurance. It covers your main residence as well as any structures nearby, such a garage. Homeowners should make sure their insurance package covers specific and common hazards to be prepared for any eventuality.

The amount of insurance you need depends on the cost of replacing the house in the event of destruction. The dollar amount can differ greatly from the value of the property on the current market. Most policies are written for a year and can be renewed.

What is covered by hazard insurance?

Hazard insurance can cover “hazards” like:

Fire damage

Hazard insurance will cover your home if it is damaged by fire. You’ll need to purchase loss-of-use insurance if the damage to your home is so severe that you have to leave. This will cover lodgings, food, and other costs.


Hail can cause damage to homes as well as vehicles. Hazard insurance should cover any damage to your home.


Lightning strikes can also cause damage. You may think of storms in terms of water damage, but lightning can do a lot more. Hazard insurance usually covers damage caused by lightning.


Your home can be damaged in many ways. Hazard insurance covers many of these, but some require separate policies.


Hazard insurance may cover damage to your home’s structure caused by theft. In general, your homeowner’s insurance will cover the contents of your home from theft.


Hazard insurance can cover your costs if you have a home damaged by vandalism.

Fallen trees

Hazard insurance can cover damage to your home caused by falling trees.

The vehicle that crashes into your house

The structural damage caused by a vehicle crashing into your house can be severe. Hazard insurance may cover it.


Gas leaks can lead to explosions that cause structural damage in homes. Hazard insurance usually covers damage caused by an explosion.

What is not covered by hazard insurance?

Hazard insurance will only cover the structure of your house. Hazard insurance only covers damage to your home’s structural integrity in natural disasters. Therefore, homeowners should be prepared for such situations.

You will need to buy a separate policy for flood insurance to protect your house, as hazard insurance does not cover flooding. In areas where earthquakes are common, homeowners should consider earthquake insurance as well as hazard insurance.

What is the cost of hazard insurance?

The cost of homeowners insurance is determined by several factors. These include the value of your house, your policy limits, and your deductible. Find out how to calculate home insurance rates.

A reliable homeowners policy will provide you with the maximum protection. Nationwide offers customizable policies that allow you to add personal umbrella coverage to increase your liability limits for bodily injury or personal damage. You can also speak with an agent to learn about flood insurance for your home.

Are you covered by the hazard insurance policy?

A better question might be, “Do you own a home?” You need to have hazard coverage if you own a home. No one ever plans for a gas leak or a tree to fall on their house, but these events do happen. Every homeowner should be ready for these situations.

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